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2024 New Years Reflections

Yvette Sadler Butler

Founder, CEO

January, 2024

Over the last year, we have gotten even closer to delivering Next Gen savers a digital family office so they can grow their wealth and leave a legacy. Something which was previously available only to high-net-worth families.  Our mission remains the same - to close the generational, gender and racial wealth gap by 2040.

We just announced our $3.4M Seed Round led by Black Tech Nation and SVB in December, which helped us launch our newest App.  Updates are available for free on both the App Store  and Google Play as Hive Wealth 2.0. 

With a personalized ChatGPT guide, Hive Wealth is the first AI-powered wealth journey app that makes financial planning engaging, intuitive, and easy. 

And just this week, the Wall Street Journal published an article, “What Your Friends Can Teach You About Money”  that directly reflects research that aligns with Hive’s hypothesis. “Millennials and members of Gen Z prefer to seek financial advice from each other than from parents or from financial professionals,” says the WSJ, and even goes as far as to say Millennials and Gen Zers are preferring transparency and opening up to friends because “the advice giver also learned a lot from their own position…and helps them to build their own confidence and belief in their financial acumen.”  This is exactly what Hive Wealth is built for. 

The Hive Wealth App focuses on peer-to-peer learning by putting users into 1 of three Hives: Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Gig workers. Each Hive has unique financial content and gives specific financial context so users know how they relate to people like themselves, and how they can build their own wealth journey to leave the legacy on their own terms. 

With benchmarking and analytics, a retirement calculator, and influencer inspired content videos, Hive Wealth has helped hundreds of users get more information to create a brighter financial future. 

Thank you for your continued support, and please download the app and let us know what you think!

Onwards for a fantastic 2024! 

Yvette Butler,

Founder & CEO

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